Blocked Drains

Nobody wants to endure a blocked drain and with it comes frustrations, smells and a lot of spilling of water. Get your blocked drains cleared fast and your water back draining freely with the help of the team at JME.

Our team specialise and locating blockages, understand their root cause and work with you to prevent it from happening again in the future.

A blocked drain can happen just as easily in a residential home or a commercial business and each one of them needs to be cleared properly to ensure the stress on your plumbing is reduced and they don’t cause larger and more costly plumbing issues in the future.

Your home’s drains are largely unseen on a day to day basis, but their primary function is to ensure that waste wastes exits home home efficiently and enters your sewage system.

When you have a blocked drain this cannot happen and may cause flooding in your bathrooms sink.

When the water becomes stagnant and cannot flow through to your sewage system it creates an unpleasant smell that can travel back up into your home and can sometime be hazardous for your health.

For this reason blocked drains should never be left long before getting them fixed. An ongoing blocked drains can cause serious damage to your property with mould, mildew and water damage. This type of damage is often costly to fix and will see your out of pocket thousands of dollars.

 As you often can’t see a blocked drain it can often be hard for homeowners to detect them before significant damage has occurred.

Some tell tale signs include:

Water draining very slowly from your shower, bath, sink or toilet

Water not draining at all

Water coming back up the drain into your shower or bath

Sewage smell coming from your drain

Gurgling noises coming from your drain

If you are experiencing any of these signs you should contact your plumber as soon as possible.

The JME team is available to remedy your blocked drain 24/7 with our emergency call our service.

To learn more, contact one of our friendly teams today.

Blocked Drains