Protect your home and your family from electrical faults

Electricity is essential to the daily operation of your home, but when not maintained can be incredibly dangerous to your home and your family.

Your electrical switchboard is the home of all of the electricity in your home and acts similar to a set of traffic lights by telling it to stop and go. A faulty electrical switchboard can be fatally dangerous. Don’t take the risk, ensure you work with a licensed electrician such as JME for all of your home’s electrical works.

The JME team provides maintenance electrical works and regular inspections by licensed A grade electricians. Our team is skilled and passionate about their job and enjoy bringing quality electrical solutions to their clients to ensure their home is safe and operating efficiently.


Our team has serviced and installed many switchboards for a number of years and over that time we have put together some quick tips on how to ensure your switchboard is operating both safety and efficiently.

Use these questions to review the status of your switchboard:

  • Does your power fault, surge or go out with you turn on additional appliances?
  • Do you find that your lights often flicker within your home?
  • Do you have an older fuse box that still uses ceramic fuses?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions we recommend that you schedule a maintenance service call for your switch board as soon as possible.
By answering yes to these questions it shows us that your switchboard isn’t operating optimally, efficiently and most of all safely.

The JME team of licensed electricians are here to assist and can quickly diagnose your switchboard and let you know the course of action that needs to be taken to get it back up and running safely and efficiently.

Don’t wait, contact the friendly team today. Switch boards can be dangerous for your home and family if left unserviced and have the ability to cause house fires and electric shocks.

By contacting one of our team we can provide you with a comprehensive quote and an obligation free appraisal for your switchboard.

Why should I upgrade my older switchboard?

Outdated and overused electrical systems can be very dangerous for both your home and the people who live in it. Unlike other appliances your electrical wiring is largely hidden from view most of the time, therefore you often wont detect any problems or aging until it’s potentially too late.

There are many benefits to upgrading your switchboard including the following

  • The electrical safety of your house
    More modern switchboards have in built safety mechanisms designed to protect your home and family from surges and potential electrocution.
  • Changes in regulation mean that an outdated switch board may mean that your home may not be covered by some insurances as they require certain standards of electrical wiring to be maintained.
  • Older wiring and switchboards can easily cause a house fire when they become loose and cause arcing.
  • In Victoria it is a legal requirement for homes to be fitted with an electrical safety switch to the power point circuit. These devices work in with a modern switchboard and quickly cut the power if there is any surges outside of tolerance, potentially saving lives.
  • Upgrading your switchboard allows your homes wiring to respond to the increase in electrical demand that we have seen over the past few decades. We rely heavily on our homes wiring for heating, cooling, streaming etc unlike ever before.
  • Reduce your chance of short circuiting by bolstering your switchboard to keep up with the demand of your growing family and growing list of appliances.