Split Systems

Unlike other style of heating and cooling systems and units, split systems can be installed almost anywhere and require minimal wall space both inside and outside the home. Perfectly suited to apartment living, family sized homes or office spaces JME can tailor a split system to suit your individual needs. Split systems are the perfect choice for high traffic areas with the added benefits of inbuilt filtration. Your split system protects you and your loved one from any airborne particles including dust and bacteria that may be in the air. The particles are passed through the filter and trapped within the unit making them ideal for anyone who suffers from allergies. Split system heating and air conditioning units come in a wide variety of sizes designed to cater to the size of the area they are required to heat or cool. For this reason split systems make a great solution for offices ranging from small one person offices to larger open plan operations.

The team at JME are the split system specialists for both residential and commercial applications.

The team will work with you to understand that area you would like to control and the way in which it functions and the overall layout, they will then recommend one of their leading branded partners units that will suit your needs.

JME’s preferred brand partners include:

Actron Air

Efficient on energy, max on comfort

Split systems are not what they used to be, technological advances have made them almost undetectable when running compared to traditional units.
The best part is they are good for your hip pocket too!

The inbuilt inverter continuously operates to regulate the temperature and responds to any fluctuations. This ensures a steady stream of energy is required, similar to driving your car on the freeway.

A steady demand ensures less surges and overall efficiency.
Traditional heaters and air conditioners are often likened to city driving with their stop/start nature. This uses significantly more power to reach the desired temperature as programmed by you.

Studies have shown that a split system unit uses up to 35% less energy than a traditional heater or air conditioner making them better for the environment and more cost effective to run.

The power is in your hands – customised comfort

Split systems offer customers flexibility on location, temperature, direction of air and so much more.

Installation options include installation in individual rooms, multiple roofs and high traffic areas such as walkways and entrances. The beauty of installing multiple split system units is the outdoor unit footprint still remains the same and convenient fits in a 1m2 space.

Multiple indoor units are connected throughout your home via copper plumbing that is then directed back to the centralised outdoor unit. Multiple indoor units still provides you with unprecedented customisation when it comes to temperature and fan control as each unit continues to run in isolation to the others, ensuring you maximise and convenience without missing out on comfort.

The team at JME have been providing split system heating and cooling solutions to the greater Melbourne over a number of years and have a deep understanding of the products, their application and which brand is right for you.

To learn more about split system heating and cooling and how they may be suitable for your home or office contact the friendly team at JME today for a complimentary consultation and comprehensive quote.